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Andy started out via a plumbing apprenticeship in the 1980’s. Soon realizing that he had a natural aptitude for work in other fields he expanded to set up his own company focusing on regular domestic building work. After a successful spell he then fell victim to the recession in the late 90’s. Undeterred he went to work as a sub contractor for local businesses in various professions. This led to him winning a factory maintenance contract on the Stanmore Industrial estate in Bridgnorth. He then progressed to secure the building maintenance contracts employing various family members when completely out of the blue he fell victim to a stroke which temporarily took the use of his left side. This cruel twist of fate destroyed years of hard work and set him back to square one in business terms but this man is a fighter and during his 18 month recovery and rehabilitation time, he found a new desire to go again so started out doing the basics of soil raking and menial tasks to rebuild his business. He resumed work back on the Stanmore estate where he won contracts to refurbish and rebuild various offices. This soon led to new builds encouraging him to create a property services company. In a short while the new company thrived and soon went Limited with Andy employing his brother and his two sons. Over the last few years it has evolved into AR Curtis Developments Ltd, a company which now works in conjunction with major firms tendering and winning high profile projects all over the country. Not a bad achievement for a young lad who started out as a trainee plumber.




A R Curtis Developments Ltd is a family run business owned by Andy Curtis. There is currently a work-force of 8 individuals of varying trades and skill-sets as part of the expanding team





Office (Working Hours): 01746 766310